Sunday, March 19, 2017

March MADness

 The boys have played in a few March Madness Tournaments this month,
but I only have pictures from this last weekend. 
Hyrum played in the Shelley March Madness Tourney this weekend,
and Thomas played in Bear Lake.  Jarom was supposed to play in Bear Lake as well,
but his team had to cancel because of injuries and scheduling conflicts. 
Tom lost two of this three games.  It was really sad because
they only lost by 1 point and 3 points.  The game they won,
they only won by a couple  of points so it was a competitive tournament. 
Hyrum's team WON the Shelley Tournament for the third year in a row! 
They had tough competition playing teams from
Nampa, Snake River, Century (Pocatello) and Blackfoot. 
They  are so fun to watch because they play as a team and work together! 
Grandpa and Grandma Heuseveldt along with
Jocelyn and Jorianne Balls came to watch Hyrum play on Friday night. 
Then they went and watched Thomas on Saturday. 
Grandma Call and Aunt Linsey came and watched Hyrum play both days
since they had watched Jarom and Thomas the weekend before in Shelley. 
We had a GREAT time watching basketball, hanging out at the hotel,
laughing a funny FaceBook Videos, and shopping. 
Rob, Jarom, and Thomas joined us in Idaho Falls on Saturday night. 
We went to dinner at Café Rio then we went and saw the new
"Beauty and the Beast" movie.

Aunt Linsey did Emberly's hair and put fake eyelashes on her. 
She was so EXCITED!
Stetson was such a good baby, but all this basketball wore him right out.
(Conner Kunz, Andy Rodriguez, Ethan Bagley, Xander Vontz,
Luke Thompson, Hyrum Heuseveldt, Allen Castro, Reid Nelson)


Thomas's 5th Grade Team!
(So Glad a Friend sent me this picture.)

Saturday, March 11, 2017

?do you wanna build a SNOWMAN?

This little girl of mine loves to craft and create.
One day after school, she asked me if we could make something crafty.
I really wasn't in the mood for a big project, BUT then
she convinced me with her Big Brown Eyes that
we needed to a build a SNOWMAN!
It was so nice to get outside and have fun with my little princess.
Thank Heavens for Little Girls!

Friday, March 10, 2017

sleep DEPRIVATION vacation

 Rob and I love to name our vacations.
We decided to name this one our "SLEEP DEPRIVATION VACATION".
...and this is why...
Rob decided to buy us Disneyland Season Passes
after we decided to take the kids to Disneyland for Spring Break.
We decided it would be fun to "zip" down to California in the Prius
every now and then and go to Disneyland for a few days.
We decided to make our first trip on Friday, March 3rd.
We left Victor at 5:30P.M. and arrived in Anaheim at 7:20A.M. (Anaheim Time)
It was a LONG drive, but we broke it up by taking turns driving and
stopping in Draper, Utah at GoodWood for dinner.
My mom watched the kids for Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday morning.
Rob's dad watched the kids on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.
Traveling Buddies
(I drove to McCammon where we met my mom to drop off the younger two kiddos. 
The older boys were at Victor 3rd Ward's Youth Conference. 
Then Rob drove to Draper, Utah.  I took over and drove to Mesquite, NV. 
Rob finished off the drive by taking us into Anaheim.)
We Made It!
Season Pass Holders
Waiting for Disneyland to Open.
(See Sleeping Beauty's Castle in the background :) )
We went on Snow White's Scary Adventure first, then It's a Small World.
We laughed that we picked these rides to go on first.  Ha. Ha.

Finally, a "Big" Kid Ride.
Space Mountain
Rob was so excited they had converted it to a "Star Wars" ride.

Splash Mountain was closed when we went to Disneyland in 2015.
We were so excited to go on it!
Jungle Cruise
Indiana Jones
(another fave)
After driving all night and going in the park for several hours,
we were EXHAUSTED.  We begged our  hotel (Days Inn and Suites)
to let us check-in early.  They said they would have a room ready in an hour
so we went and slept by the pool.  LOL!

After our LONG nap, we ate dinner at KFC.
(When we went in 2015 with the kids, we ate at this KFC multiple times. 
I had to take a picture for old time's sake and send it to the kids.)
over the World!
(We were both excited to see the changes Disney had made to this ride.
Previously Soarin' Over California.)
Rob talked me into a Star Wars Mini Movie showing in Tomorrow Land.
He was so EXCITED!
Splash Mountain (again)

 Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

 SPLASH MOUNTAIN (again and again)
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
(another favorite)
LOVED being surrounded by warm weather and FLOWERS!
Space Mountain
Rob and I had to eat at the New Orleans Café and try the Garlic Fries.
They were AMAZING.
(Thanks for the recommendation Bill and Jesse Fritsch!)
We LOVE Disney at night!
SCREAMIN' Rollercoaster

(our Favorite show)
What do you know?
Splash Mountain
On our way in and out of California, we saw lots of Riverside Signs.
This made me really excited because our nephew, Joshua Balls, is serving his mission there right now.  I had to blow kisses and send air hugs his way!
The ride home seemed to take FOREVER!  We left at 5:30P.M. (Anaheim Time).
Stopped in Vegas to eat at the Bellagio Buffet.
Arrived in Victor at 9:30A.M. (Victor Time).
Rob drove to Vegas.  Then I drove for 3 hours. 
After that, we could only last for about 1 1/2 hours each. 
So we kept driving and then switching and taking power naps. 
It was rough!