Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Jarom's EAGLE Project

Jarom was able to do something very special for his Eagle Project!  I was so excited for him, and I am so proud of him.  The Victor City Council and Staff wanted to do something extraordinary for Craig Sherman's retirement.  Craig has been an amazing employee with the City of Victor for the past 34 years.  They decided instead of giving him some cheesy gift like a "gold watch", they wanted to do something more.  They decided the perfect gift of gratitude would be to rename Pioneer Park to Sherman Park.  Jarom was able to build a new sign for the park in honor of Craig Sherman.  Here is where it gets really special:  Craig has been like a father and grandfather to our little family.  He has been one of Rob's best friends at the City, and he has welcomed our family into his home and let us live with him twice since we have moved to Victor.  Craig will always have a special place in our hearts.  I am so glad that Jarom was able to do this for his Eagle Project.
The Old Sign
The Design
Construction of the Frame

Staining the Frame

Digging the Post Holes, Placing SonoTubes,
Filling Tubes with Cement, and
Showing LEADERSHIP Skills

Emberly and I had an important job...
Delivering Dessert

Attaching the Frame to the Base

Landscaping around the Sign

Rusting the Backdrop of the Sign

Attaching the Wording

Transporting the Sign
Hanging the Sign

Carla and Craig Sherman
 Presenting the Sign to Craig Sherman