Sunday, November 26, 2017

thansGIVING ~ 2017

Happy THANKSgiving!
I am so THANKFUL I didn't have to work this year.
We were able to spend a few days in Soda Springs,
spending time with both the Call Family and the Heuseveldt Family.
Emberly's Class celebrated Thanksgiving the Tuesday before.
They could dress up as Pilgrims or Indians.
Emberly wanted to be an Indian Princess.
Ms. Laura's 2nd Grade Class
Pilgrim and Indian becoming friends.
(Cordy Marshall and Emberly)
2nd Grade Thanksgiving Feast
We had our "official" Thanksgiving Dinner at Grandpa and Grandma Call's.
Uncle T Davids smoked the turkey.
It was very delicious!
Hyrum loves playing with Baby Stetson.

Turkey Carvin'!

Grandpa Call watched football while waiting for the feast.
Tom was glued to his iPhone most of the day.
Uncle Kaleb enjoyed some football as well.
Love these cute nephews of mine!
-McCoy Call-
-McCoy Call and Stetson Davids-

Our meals was AMAZING and Picture Perfect.
Roasted Veggies
Smoked Turkey
-Remington Call and Hyrum-
-Stetson Davids and Jarom-
Grandpa Call
Hyrum...and his turkey leg!

Love Birds! Rachael and Rob!
We played Telestrations that evening.
My favorite was when I got to pick my own word.
Of course, I chose "Dispatcher".
I love how it went to "Damsel in Distress"
and then "Katy Perry".
We laughed so hard at everyone's drawings and guesses!

We also spent a day and a half with the Heuseveldt Family, but unfortunately I didn't take any pictures.  We enjoyed visiting, playing games, shopping online, and eating!
We had a Prime Rib Dinner on Friday
and a Ham and Egg Brunch on Saturday.
The food was so good this holiday!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

emberly's FALL show

Emberly had her first Fall Show with the Competitive Gymnastics Team this weekend.  The team ended up performing three different times so that more family and friends could make it.  I felt so bad that Emberly broke her arm just two weeks prior to the show, but Miss Cheri Milne insisted she could still perform.  She did AMAZING for having a broken right arm and a huge, heavy cast.  I was so PROUD of her!  Brooklyn and Giana Godfrey were able to come cheer for her on Friday evening.  Grandma Call, Aunt Linsey, and Cousin Stetson came to both Saturday Shows.  I went to all three of her shows.  Rob came to two of the three.  Hyrum and Thomas came to Friday Night's Show, and Jarom came to both Shows on Saturday.  I would say Emberly has lots of FANS!
Giana, Emberly, Brooklyn

Giving Dad Some Knuckles
Thomas loved the Show.  LOL.
Hyrum found other means of entertainment :/
Best Buds!
T.I.S.A. Competitive Team

Since Jarom chose to go to a party on Friday Night, and not support his sister.  He had to go to both shows on Saturday.  Not sure it was really a punishment though...
Grandma Call, Emberly, Linsey, Stetson

Emberly and Jarom
While shopping at See-N-Save between shows,
Jarom and Stetson found this #1 Hand.
Jarom wanted to buy it and take it back for the final show.
I told him we would take a picture and call it good.
Stetson found a large knob/screw and used it as a binky.
Time for Stetson to do some tricks on the Bars.

Flowers from Dad!

We love our Beautiful Emberly!