Sunday, March 19, 2017

March MADness

 The boys have played in a few March Madness Tournaments this month,
but I only have pictures from this last weekend. 
Hyrum played in the Shelley March Madness Tourney this weekend,
and Thomas played in Bear Lake.  Jarom was supposed to play in Bear Lake as well,
but his team had to cancel because of injuries and scheduling conflicts. 
Tom lost two of this three games.  It was really sad because
they only lost by 1 point and 3 points.  The game they won,
they only won by a couple  of points so it was a competitive tournament. 
Hyrum's team WON the Shelley Tournament for the third year in a row! 
They had tough competition playing teams from
Nampa, Snake River, Century (Pocatello) and Blackfoot. 
They  are so fun to watch because they play as a team and work together! 
Grandpa and Grandma Heuseveldt along with
Jocelyn and Jorianne Balls came to watch Hyrum play on Friday night. 
Then they went and watched Thomas on Saturday. 
Grandma Call and Aunt Linsey came and watched Hyrum play both days
since they had watched Jarom and Thomas the weekend before in Shelley. 
We had a GREAT time watching basketball, hanging out at the hotel,
laughing a funny FaceBook Videos, and shopping. 
Rob, Jarom, and Thomas joined us in Idaho Falls on Saturday night. 
We went to dinner at Café Rio then we went and saw the new
"Beauty and the Beast" movie.

Aunt Linsey did Emberly's hair and put fake eyelashes on her. 
She was so EXCITED!
Stetson was such a good baby, but all this basketball wore him right out.
(Conner Kunz, Andy Rodriguez, Ethan Bagley, Xander Vontz,
Luke Thompson, Hyrum Heuseveldt, Allen Castro, Reid Nelson)


Thomas's 5th Grade Team!
(So Glad a Friend sent me this picture.)

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