Monday, April 17, 2017

EASTER - 2017!

 We had a Great, Simple Easter!
I hope the kids focused on the TRUE meaning!
I let Emberly color Easter Eggs with her friend,
Melody Gutke, because I knew the boys
wouldn't care to do it.

I bought a new "Egg Spinner" this year to help us
dye our eggs.  It was a pretty cool gadget.
The girls loved it!

Easter Morning
(We always celebrate the Easter Bunny on Saturday Morning.
That way Easter Sunday can be centered on Christ.)

Jarom found the "Golden Egg".
It had $5 inside of it!

Tired Teenager

 She thought she was going to look like the Mad Hatter.
I think she is Adorable!

Easter Sunday
We went to Stake Conference as a Family!

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